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【放置】 ピクシーの森 - かわいい ほのぼの系 育成 アドベンチャー ゲーム-

4.0 ( 6400 ratings )
Ігри Подорожі Пригоди Гральні кубики
Розробник: Mitsuru Iwasaki

Travel around Japan with your cute "Pixie friends" and make everyone happy!

Pixies Forest is an incremental and idle game like the Cookie clicker.
Not like puzzle or RPG game, nothing defficult. All you need is to tap and wait! And the game is totally free to play.

** Gameplay **
-Tap the cute pixie "Coco" to bring the happy aura.
-You are in Japan, and your mission is to make them all happy.
-There are 47 stages, and you can view the famous Japanese spots by completing each stage.
-There are 10 friend pixies to help you. They can collect the happy aura automatically.
-Buy items at the shop to collect the happy aura faster!
-If the spider shows up, you should tap it fast before Coco loses the happy aura.
-Use Fever chance wisely, there are several ways to have it.